Vol 16(1) January - June 2014











Introduction - The challenges of today’s professions sociology

Marta Panaia




Inclusion of women in the engineering profession


Marta Panaia


Research article




The return to civilian life. The retraining of retired military forces officers in Argentina

Federico Lorenc Valcarce






Intellectuals, experts or academics? University socialization of the sociologists in university of Buenos Aires from the return of democracy


Pablo Daniel Bonaldi , Juan Pedro Blois






Collaborative work as a strategy for building knowledge

Enid del Rocío Ramírez Ramírez, Rosario Fabiola Rojas Burbano


Research article








Conceptions, approaches and participation processes in public policies about poverty in the municipality of Manizales for the 1997-2014 periods

María Consuelo Suárez Ángel, Mario Hernán López Becerra, Nancy Cardona Gómez


Research article




Elements for a periodization of the Buenaventura muslim community history

Diego Giovanni Castellanos


Reflection article








Emotions and distrust of authorities

Javier Carreón Guillén, Cruz García Lirios, Jorge Hernández Valdés


Research article




Theoretical-methodological proposal for the study of subjectivity from an anthropological perspective


Paula Cabrera


Reflection article




Contemporary body: a pornographic body


John Alexis Rengifo Carpintero, Carmen Helena Díaz Caicedo


Reflection article




Francis of Asissi or the contemporary political agent’s “joy of being”: Agamben, Hardt and Negri


Alonso Silva Rojas


Review article




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